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Why I Became a CPR Instructor

Updated: Mar 23, 2022

With over 12 years of experience in skilled geriatrics nursing, my passion for bedside care cannot be denied. One evening, while working a night shift during the active phase of Covid-19, a CNA informed me that a suspected (but not confirmed) covid patient was not breathing. I immediately rushed to the patient's room. When I entered, I observed multiple coworkers dealing with the emergency to the best of their abilities, however, I recognized there were some minor, but very important techniques not being utilized. My first response was to assist in the effort to resuscitate the patient in cardiac arrest. Sadly, the patient did not survive.

After the incident, I cried for an entire 45 minutes. I was upset by the outcome and for the first time in 12 years I questioned if I wanted to continue my career as a Nurse. Shortly after, I tested positive with the Covid-19 virus. I was very fortunate to be asymptomatic, as were my children. During the time I spent in quarantine, I asked myself, are you going back to work? Can you continue to work in this profession? This enviroment? Suddenly the answer became clear, I realized there was a problem, and I simply could not ignore it. I was needed now more than ever to be a part of the solution. It was in that moment I had decided to become a Certified American Heart Association CPR instructor. It was in that moment when Care Heart CPR was born.

Care Heart CPR is a Certified American Heart Association CPR training service who serves Greater Pittsburgh and Surrounding Areas. Our instructors are healthcare professionals, with real-life hands-on experience. We provide quality Heart Saver/AED, First Aid, BLS Healthcare Provider, and Pediatric CPR training courses at our McKeesport location at 410 9th St. or mobile training options for groups, businesses, and facilities. We offer flexible scheduling options to accommodate the individual needs of our clients.

Myself, along with my future instructors in training (my younger brother & six-year-old son) strive to create a quality learning experience in which we can train individuals to approach emergency situations confidently and effectively. "Helping People, Help Others" is the vision of our company, and each day we dedicate our efforts toward it.

Photo Credit: C. Johnson Photography

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