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What Did You Call Me?

Updated: Apr 27, 2021

As a individual who has worked in healthcare for a over decade, there is one word that moves my spirits into overdrive. What word is that you ask, well, that word is "JUST" and it has no place in healthcare, especially when used in description of another individual's title. No position is "JUST". This word devalues the role of importance of a healthcare position. I have never came across an employer posting a help wanted ad seeking to fill the position of "Just". Every position in healthcare is vital, therefore phrases such as...

"Just a Housekeeper."

"Just a CNA."

"Just a Medical Assistant."

"Just a LPN."

"Just a whatever..."


"Just" simply should not be used by ones self or to describe another individual in the health care community. Each position holds value and importance to the understanding and quality of care for patients that depend on US ! No one position can effectively fulfill its responsibilities without the other positions in place. No one specialty, title, department, or individual can save the world, but as a community of health care workers working together we all can throw down one heck of a fight, so JUST DON'T SAY IT !

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